Saturday, December 30, 2006

Culligan Water Softener

Culligan Platinum Water Softener
Culligan has been in the water softener business for over 65 years. Their water softeners are extremely high-quality and come in a variety of series and styles. At Culligan you should be able to find pretty much any water softener unit to fit your needs and budget. This post will explore some of the options you will be able to access from Culligan water softeners.

Out of all the Culligan water softener lines the highest most effective flow rates and capacity is found in the Platinum Series Water Softener. The Platinum Series is designed for large homes and small commercial purposes. These water softeners features include:

A full flow 1 ¼ inch control valve allows you to run numerous water fixtures simultaneously while maintaining flow rate and Cul-Flo-Valv® allows for system bypass when used in applications not requiring soft water without any pressure loss

To save salt and water - the Culligan Soft-Minder® meter monitors daily water use and activates regeneration only when necessary

Exclusive, non-corrosive 5-cycle motorized piston driven control valve that directs water flow during service and regeneration cycles. Provides many years of reliable service free operation

Culligan's exclusive Quadra-Hull® tank with limited lifetime warranty

Simple water softener programming is available with low voltage Accusoft® Microprocessor which provides fast and simple data entry performance options that can be set at the touch of a button. Also the program is surge and power protected.

Available in a variety of volume capacities and Cullex Resin provides maximum water softening lifetime, capacity, and stability

Culligan Exclusive Triple-lined Tank mineral tank features a corrosion-resistant liner, sealed within a rugged steel tank. It's exterior is resistant to scuffs, minimizes condensation and corrosion and, is backed by the Culligan Limited Lifetime Warranty

Optional: Culligan's patented Aqua Sensor® regeneration system will activate regeneration only when needed - adjusting for varying water softening needs

As you can see the Culligan Platinum Series of water softener line is quite impressive and have received high accolades from many water softener users. SO check into the Culligan water softeners during your search for the proper machine. Stay tuned for future posts on the Culligan Gold Series, Medallist Plus Series Water Softener, Medallist Series, Culiigan Outdoor Water Softeners & Soft-Minder Twin Water Softener.

Also you can go to the Culligan website and use a water softener ID tool to find more information on your needs. HERE

Good Luck - Water Softener Resource


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