Sunday, May 21, 2006

How a Water Softener Works

The water to be treated passes through the water softener's bed of the resin;

* negatively-charged resins absorb and bind metal ions, which are always positively charged. These resins initially contain sodium ions, which are displaced into the water stream by the more strongly-attracted di-positive ions of magnesium and calcium.

As the water passes through both kinds of resin, the hardness ions replace the sodium which are released into the water. For most purposes, the low levels of salt in the treated water are innocuous. However, because of the increase in sodium concentration, some people believe water softened in this way is not suitable for regular consumption.


As these resins become converted to their Ca2+ form they gradually lose their effectiveness and must be regenerated. This is accomplished by passing a concentrated brine solution though them, causing the above processes to be reversed. Here lies one of the drawbacks of this system: most of the salt employed in the regeneration process gets flushed out of the system and may be released into the soil or drainage— something that can have damaging consequences to the environment, especially in arid regions. Because of this, many jurisdications prohibit such release, and require users to dispose of the spent brine at an approved site or to use a commercial service company.


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